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Professional CCTV for your home or business? Teletech have you covered

CCTV Installation, Servicing and Maintenance throughout Somerset

CCTV Installation, Servicing and Maintenance throughout Somerset


We only use top of the range CCTV equipment which has the ability to capture details in colour and in low lighting. Advanced lenses and high-performance sensors provide the user with an excellent picture quality. Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios, our CCTV installtions guarantee video with colorful details when you need them most.

Conventional CCTV camera systems with infrared lighting are blurry and objects blend into the background, making it difficult to identify details. Colour is crucial for many scenarios and overcomes the challenges faced by many traditional CCTV systems which only record in black and white.

If you have a business or property in the Somerset area and would like to talk to us about a new or upgraded colour CCTV system click the button below to get in touch.



We install 'easy to use' professional CCTV systems which give you complete piece of mind 24/7 365 days a year. 

These can be connected anywhere. Either in the lounge, bedroom, study or even cupboard space all with a very minimal and sometimes no wires! 

The system can be connected to your home internet supply so that you can view your property on your smart device. Whether that be a smart phone, Ipad, Iphone or PC from anywhere in the world.

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Domestic CCTV System


Protect your employees, assets and customers with a professional CCTV system from Teletech. We will ensure that you can monitor entrances and exits as well as dimly-lit interior and exterior areas in full colour.

Our security cameras capture incredible detail in spaces where theft or other crimes might occur, such as dark hallways and walkways, warehouses, parking areas, and loading bays.

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Commercial CCTV System


Q. How much does a CCTV system cost?

Our professional CCTV systems can vary in cost quite a lot depending on your requirements. Most of the time we can give you a clear guide either over the phone or via email using the wonders of Google View and Google Earth! Then if necessary we can pop over for a FREE site survey, demo and quote.

Q. Will you need to install lots of wires?

No, that's the beauty of our IP CCTV systems. As they work on a network this means we can run up to 32 cameras all off of one wire! We can even transmit full HD pictures wirelessly over half a mile. We will always guide you through the installation even if we do have to run any wires, just to make sure you are happy before we start. 

Q. How can I watch the CCTV video and monitor my system?

In domestic applications we like to connect our systems to your main television. This is so you truly get the full benefits from our HD cameras. 
If it's a business premises we connect to monitors either on site, off site, main office or a manned control security room.
All of our systems connect to a secure online platform allowing for viewing either via smart phone, IPad or desktop. You can even play back up to 2 months of footage all from the palm of your hands...anywhere in the world!

Q. Will I get an alarm or notification if my CCTV detects movement?

All of our IP cameras are clever enough to send you real time notifications of your smart device if movement is detected. This can even be set at certain times of day so that if somebody enters a building out of hours you will know straight away.

Q. Can you install CCTV in my area?

Our head office is situated in the Heart of Somerset, which means we can cover pretty much most of it.
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